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The social media chaos.

We live in an era where Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat have more importance in our lives rather than actually connecting with people. Everyone wants to win in the game of likes. Where we feel its important to follow every single trend blindlessly. Whether it be the selfie trend, Snapchat dog filter,  #hashtag, or any kind of stupid dare. There might be people who don’t follow this trend on a regular basis but I really  doubt  if someone says they have not followed it ever.

Not being a spoil sport I thought sometimes it’s okay to follow these trend. I just remember a day when I observed everyone I know is talking about Snapchat. So out of curiosity I downloaded it. Once snapchat was installed in my mobile it took a little time to get familiar with that app and that gave me a lot to think about my technical skills!! Yes I’m actually stupid.
But once I was familiar with that app I started noticing that everyone was continuously posting about what movie were they watching, What they ate for dinner, What they drank. What they wore and on and on and on!! Basically they were posting a daily feed everyday single day. When I thought of posting something too. I realised my daily activities were not as cool as them. So my brain gave me a dumb idea about faking it. While I was enjoying  some old melodies I played some English grooves which I have no interest in listening but just for posting a super fake story I did. I clicked my food before eating it. And damn that was really difficult. 
Then I gave a thought what am I doing? Is this all really necessary? Why am I trying to prove everyone that I am cool even when I’m not? Is this I’m doing for a those girls of my college who wastes all money in buying clothes from sale or for that handsome boy from the basketball team who have no idea that I exist. Does living an enchanting life is really necessary?

But when I observed all this more closely I saw everyone is faking about their cool lives at some point. Everyone is pretending about their lifestyle when the truth is completely different.
While they are going to starbucks for a coffee or other drinks they are not actually going there to enjoy tazo calm chamomile  or Caramel Brulee Frappuccino (it is so hard to pronounce even) but it is mostly just for a checkin and some selfies which they’ll upload before they even finish drinking it. Or a simple morning walk is not limited to fitness or peace its about #morningwalk #earlymorning #stayfit #peace #silence. All this doesn't end by just posting a picture. First it takes a lot of efforts in editing it. Then it include choosing a perfect caption and once all this is done another story starts. Story of likes and comments. And in all this chaos we waste our precious time.

Another example was when I saw people  writing wanderlust or traveller in their profile bio. But they hardly go for trip once in a year and that to not more than 10 days. So I don’t think it counts as a traveller but dude it makes their bio cool isn’t it?? Ahh until someone knows the truth I guess. 
And 1 trip to any place is equals to 1000 pictures and they say we click pictures so that we can relive the moment but what about the idea of living at that particular moment? What about enjoying the beauty of sunset before clicking a picture and posting it on social networking sites.
Why  we forget to live at that moment? Why we get trapped in the virtual world? Those pictures will definitely  take you back to that moment but standing beside your loved one and living that moment is something that will not need a photograph to take you back to the memory lane!!

Tanya Jain


  1. The thing is that everyone want to be known . What people donot understand is that life is 90% normal and 10% eventful. Read more about it on my piece about it at ill be uploading it today. Anyway absolutely honest piece. Loved the way ypu mixed it with thoughts !!

    1. Thanks for reading this. I'll surely check your work :)

  2. Loved your positivity.. N quality of thoughts...

  3. I loved your post. Very great & valid points. Social media is one big hocus pocus and so easy to get caught up in.

  4. I like your writing, but I do not agree with a single point that you made. Great style, however!


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